Womb Twin Survivor by Laurene Hope Blog 3

I am a Womb Twin Survivor or Vanishing Twin as it’s also called.I lost my brother in the womb and I know for a fact that the symptoms are the same as the condition that I was diagnosed with Border Line Personality Disorder.So I was misdiagnosed of that I am sure.I was regressed about 5 years ago when my friend moved to Scotland and the pain and depression was way beyond normal.So I decided to hypnotise myself and was taken back to the womb.That is where I experienced the real grief and felt the moment my twin who I believe to be a boy died and I was left with the feeling of intense emptiness and grief. The amazing thing was that as soon as I touched on the real core grief, I stopped feeling the pain around my friends departure.I can no longer support abortions after that as I feel that it’s going to be killing a real living breathing baby with senses and feelings and that to me now is murder.I am experiencing huge pain knowing that in New York women can abort a full blown baby 1 minute before it’s born they are allowed to kill it 1 minute before ! This is sick insanity and Hellish for me now due to my knowledge and experience.Also I couidnt have kids and what happened to adoption? What kind of woman wouid abort a full blown baby? I can’t imagine how anyone could be that cruel.If a young girl or woman cannot take care of a child then don’t have sex ! Simple! I agree if that women is raped or if it was incest beyond her control then she has a choice, but do it fast before the child has a full nervous system and the awareness to be a victim of torture.None the less the baby will feel as I did.So I’m a survivor and I have survivors guilt same as someone who is left after death !And I have huge preoccupation with loss death and grief which have followed me throughy life.But I’m not mentally ill! Same symptoms same eating disorder abandonment issues like a Bpd .So please before you are diagnosed and end up stigmatised and you will not be able to work or adopt and life will be very very hard, please read this and look into the possibility of you too being a Womb Twin survivor or A survivor of “Vanishing Twin Syndrome”with all the guilt and confusion this is associated with love you Laurene xxxxccc Here is the link to connection between the two Bpd and Womb twin survivor https://www.wombtwin.com/wtsarticles-borderline/4580514969

Myrtles Blog 1


I’m Myrtle and I’m a rabbit yes I know and so do we all.But I’m a well worn rabbit and an elder and wise bunny well actually rabbit as I prefer that word thank you. So from now on I will be blogging for this page as they thought I may be able to project an image of someone who too is well worn and wise but needs a bit of extra tlc and compassion like I do as you can see.Now my owners husband wouid like to put me through a few cycles of washing but I’m not happy about that as I am me a unique well worn rabbit.

What about you are you a unique well worn rabbit …Er human I mean? ( please forgive me this is my first ever blog).

Of course you are Unique that is not the other well you know what I mean.

So today I want you to celebrate this like I do

Well worn people like rabbits can feel good about themselves as they are well worn wiser and have got lots of life experience too.

i love you and don’t forget

H A LT that’s my well worn wisdom of today and means “ Don’t get too Hungry Angry Lonely or Tired”

Got to bounce off like rabbits do or I will be late for …. oh no I’m not going to use that cliche

Love you stay well and worn xxxxxxx MB

Blog by Laurene Hope April 2019 https://www.wombtwin.com/wtsarticles-borderline/4580514969