What do we do?

  • Workshops for Laughter and relaxation and Mental health recovery

  • Moving on theatre shows and performances

  • Positivity films

  • Holistic therapies

  • Speaking engagements and signings

Who are we?

Laurene Hope Glory: Life coach producer entertainer and psychic healer and editor.

Martin Ottewill: A qualified Hypnotherapist who is interested in you as a unique person.

Our story

I decided to create this business because like some people who have lots of creative skills or talents I was struggling to decide on what I would like to focus on and so one day it came to me, I needed an umbrella company to encompass all these together to be able to offer them to the public and then you can choose what you would like me to offer you.

Now all my work is about recovery from Borderline personality disorder and recovery from mental health issues and depression on a daily basis.

i do this without medication as that is how I recovered in Aylesbury Therapeutic community 7 years ago.

So why Hope Glory?
Without Hope I believe we have nothing. and you cannot move on.

So with Hope you can start to find some light and then you can get the Glory of your life.

I was born in Dublin and grew up in Israel so I am a “War child". and I began playing accordion a the age of 6 and singing as one of the lead soloists in the Israeli national choir when I was 13,

I then went on to produce my first musical at 13 years old at school and I have been doing this more or less since

So over the years I have been lucky to produce a large scale show “The Sound Of Music” at the Compass theatre, write and produce my own musical “Encounters” also at the Compass, have a massive break down and get diagnosed with Border line personality disorder then end up in a Therapeutic community for 2 years approx, find total inner peace without medication, as all the work is done in there without drugs, come out produce and write a film “Writing the song for peace” about a peace and interfaith song, I taught to kids from all over, a Mosque and Synagogue,start my own theatre company “Moving on theatre” tour very succesfully around the Fringes as Piaf and Maria Callas and get 5 star reviews and amazing feedback while promoting the Therapeutic community and then lose my dad get cut off by my family, end up in a wheel chair after a serious accident teach myself how to edit and run my own Community Tv Station on Youtube Moving on tv and get my recovery story in a book in the Usa “Simply Amazing” go out doing speaking engagements and on and on.

Woo! Are you exhausted yet? I’m not. I’m full of passion for what I do and on the next page you will be able to hopefully find something to suit your life which I would be very happy to be of service to.

Take care and keep shining and know that if you need a company that will enhance your dreams and skills because you are “Outside the box” please contact me.

Lets do it together my heart is always and always will be open.

Laurene Hope and Martín Ottewill.