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Welcome to Hope Glory Productions.

I’m a mental health revolutionary helping people to stay sane in a crazy world without medication”

” Laurene’s way of presenting recovery is fascinating and exciting and I love her creativity as she has a beautiful voice.A great explanation of Mental health very researched “ Ali Brighter Berkshire

Think about how many people are on medication for mental health related issues?

How many people have side effects from medication ?

I don’t use any and I don’t have any side effects and I know how to stay sane on a daily basis.

How is this possible ? What am I doing that is different to others who are struggling on medication and not getting the results I get?

I can teach you what I did and how you too can use the techniques I have learnt and if need be you may need to get into a Therapeutic community or similar through your Doctor on the NHS.

My workshop and talk “ How to stay sane in a crazy world” will teach you .

“How to stay sane in a crazy world”

Are you looking for new and down to earth techniques to stay well combat depression and mental health? This is our main workshop you can book for your group or company here.

We are also bringing you lots of great new innovative projects shows positivity films for recovery.

check out the other projects we do on here

Happiness and creativity space starting all over Bucks Berks Starting with the launch for “ Mental health Uk week” 13th-19th May Wycombe and Burnham venues check out the pages above.

We will be working in conjunction with Downtoearth Hypnotherapy in High Wycombe who specialises in recovery from addictions and stress as well as phobias smoking cessation weight loss and more.

Martin Ottewill who is sponsoring this launch helped the writer Anna Halkes to come off smoking she is the writer who joined with John Lennon in the 1960s to create one of his peace biographies.

so come and meet the great man himself who can help you learn recovery in different ways